A brief History of Ando Hiroshige

I have always been a diehard fan of Japanese art and especially the Tokugawa period, an era in Japanese history that was ruled by the Tokugawa clan.

This blog focuses on various forms of art that was typical of that period and special emphasis on Utagawa Hiroshige (aka Ando Hiroshige), an influential Japanese artist of that time and also one of the last woodblock paintings artist of contemporary Japan.

Ando practiced an art known in ancient Japan as “Ukiyo-e“. Translated literally, it simply means “pictures that float” or “images of the floating world”. Ukiyoe is an art where “images of the world”, i.e landscapes, the sea, mountains and basically anything that is connected with the “world” and nature is painted on cloths. 200 years later, towards the start of the Meiji era, woodblock painters started painting on paper.
ando hiroshige portrait